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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


This week I am adding a link to the White Rose Maths Home Learning site.

The lessons that we do in school closely follow the content of these online lessons. 


I cant find a way to add one lesson at a time into a daily folder, so each day just go onto the site via the link and watch the next session (There are 5 sessions - one for each day).


They have included possible activities for you to do after watching the video and I will add some extra resources that you might like to use to support the sessions,


Let me know if you have any problems using the class email address or Tapestry.



Numberblocks episodes are a great way of learning maths whilst having fun.

This episode is great for the learning we are doing this week - and I'm sure they will want to watch it more than once...

To start each Maths session please do some warm ups...


Count to 20 (or beyond)

 You could practice counting in 10s.

Recognising numbers when shown on a flashcard.

Showing different numbers on your fingers.

Writing numbers with correct formation.

There are so many things which you can do to help your child mathematically. 


A great and fun way is when playing games which involve counting,

so any board games you have.

(The turn taking will also aid your child's personal and social development)

The children are getting really good at knowing what the numbers on the dice are.


You can also encourage your child to count objects by touching one object at a time 

and saying the numbers in sequence.

Count as you go up the stairs, count how many cuddly toys they have on their bed…


How high can they count to?