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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Click the link below to the White Rose home learning site and watch

Session 4 - Measuring Capacity - How many fit inside?

This is the suggested activity to match Session 4 - Measuring Capacity - How many fit inside? - Make sure that you follow the link above and watch the lesson before you do the activity.

You don't need to use a matchbox for this activity... I know that I don't have a matchbox in my house!!!


Just find a small container/ purse/ bag/ box.

The activity is to get the children to think about size and to use the language

big, small, long, short, too big, too long etc


Then count the items that they have fit in their 'container'

Put them into a 5 frame like in the video...


I've attached one below, but you could draw one.