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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Today's challenge - can you put numbers in order?


Grown-ups - start with numbers to 10 - just write numbers on pieces of paper/ card and ask your child to put them in order - completely independently with absolutely no help!


If they find this a little tricky then this is something that you can work on... 

If they do this super easily see how they go ordering numbers to 20.

Click the link below to the White Rose home learning site and watch

Session 5 - Adding more

This is the suggested activity to match Session 5 – Adding more – make sure you follow the link above and watch the lesson before you do the activity

You can play any track game - (snakes and ladder is a favourite in my house)

If you use 2 dice and encourage the children to add the amounts together before they more that amount then they will be able to put their new skills into practise.


If you don't have any games you could draw a track on some paper


If you don't have any dice you could make some number cards from paper

(do them in dots like the sides of a dice to help the children if they need to count the dots to find the total)

and they could turn over 2 of the cards at a time.


Have some fun!