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Welcome to Meerkat’s Virtual Classroom!


This page will be updated daily with learning that parents/carers can access to complete with pupils at home.


Please find below various learning activities.


Evidence of your child’s learning can be emailed to

for marking and feedback. This can be in the form of photo’s, word documents, videos, PDF’s etc.


Please only use this email address for sharing evidence of learning, general questions and queries should continue to be communicated via the school office.


A quiz is currently running for Spanish.

To have a go type in to your internet address bar and add the game PIN below.


Please use Nicknames we will recognise.


Please have a go at the SPANISH by entering the PIN 0122519

(challenge runs out by 3pm Thurs 9th April!)


Leader boards will be posted on the Spanish VC page after the deadline so you can see how you all did.


Week 2


I hope you have all enjoyed your first week of learning from home. It can be challenging but there are so many amazing things that you could be doing. Here are a few that your classmates have enjoyed...


  • Harvey has been painting garden furniture, doing tricks on his go-kart and many other exciting things
  • Niso has done archery in the garden and painted Easter Eggs
  • Poppy has been writing some amazing 'Super Stacker Sentences', with Jane Considine and creating garden obstacle courses
  • Maisey has cracked codes and done marvellous maths
  • Sergiusz has worked with his sister to problem solve and is still smiling
  • Finley even managed to spot the ISS the other night


Keep emailing me all the adventures you are having and keep happy and safe


Mrs Holt cool

Week 1


The sun is shining and its a wonderful new day.

I am really enjoying seeing all the amazing things you are doing at home. I have also seen lots of your beautiful rainbows in your windows. If you look outside tonight you should be able to see the ISS space station.


Email me when you can and continue to stay safe and be brilliant!


Mrs Holt cool

Spot the ISS

Tonight, 7-4-20 I've been looking at the Supermoon through my telescope. Tonight and tomorrow night the moon will get as close as 221,772 miles to Earth which makes it appear bigger and brighter than usual. If you missed it tonight I've added a few photos ( which I took by attaching my phone to the telescope ) for you to look at but remember you can see it tomorrow night too.

Miss Carltonsmiley

So tonight (31-3-20) I went outside to see if I could spot the ISS.  Guess what?  I didn't!

I  think it was a little too cloudy, so I will try again tomorrow night. Well done Finley for spotting it earlier in the week.

Miss Carlton smiley