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Song 5 - Fee-fi-fo-fum - Full Song | Primary Music - Jack and the Beanstalk

Can you sing along?





Could you plant something? Maybe a bean, some cress, flowers....

What does your plant need to grow big, strong and healthy? 


That's right...  For seedlings to grow properly from a seed they need the right conditions. Water and oxygen are required for seeds to germinate. 

Hopefully after a week of looking after them, your seedlings will be on their way. Germination is the process of a plant emerging from a seed and beginning to grow. For seedlings to grow properly from a seed they need the right conditions. Water and oxygen are required for seeds to germinate. Many seeds germinate at a temperature just above normal room temperature but others respond better to warmer temperatures, cooler temperatures or even changes in temperature. While light can be an important trigger for germination, some seeds actually need darkness to germinate, if you buy seeds it should mention the requirements for that specific type of seed in the instructions.

Continue to look after your seedlings and monitor their growth. For further experiments you could compare the growth rates of different types of seeds or the effect of different conditions on their growth.




In school, we are going to do a science experiment! 

Perhaps you could try this at home too? 


We are going to plant some beans: 

The first bean is going to be planted in the soil outside, with water, oxygen and sunlight.

The second bean will be kept in a pot inside - no soil, water or sunlight, just oxygen.

The third bean will be kept in a dark cupboard, soil and water but no sunlight or oxygen.

The fourth bean will be kept in soil in the sunlight on the window sill with no water.


Which bean do you think will grow best? 

You could try other places, like the fridge or freezer! 

We can't wait to see what happens and hear from you about your germination experiment. Keep us up to date on Tapestry! smiley


Growing Beans HD Timelapse

HD Timelapse video on growing kidney beans. Activate subtitles for timing informationThis was taken with a Canon Powershot G3 camera and GB Timelapse for rem...



Can you paint a picture of you climbing up the beanstalk like Jack? 

Try at home – Mathematics

We have been counting a lot in the Nursery over the past 4 weeks. The link below is a brief overview of how to support your child as they move through the different stages of counting: Pre-counting: All children need to have a good understanding of sorting, matching, ordering, comparing and patterns before they can fully engage with counting.

Have fun! smiley

What is number?