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Monday 20th March 2017 - Day 1

Monday 20th March 2017

Year 6 have arrived at Boreatton Park in Shropshire! After it being a bit touch and go before leaving, due to the enormous cases that the children (and teachers) have brought with them for the week being unable to fit on the coach, we all finally left St John’s slightly later than planned. Therefore, it was not until approximately 4.30pm that we finally approached the enormous manor house for our PGL adventure. The first job for the children was to quickly carry their luggage up two flights of steep stairs, which again was an enormous struggle for some as they had packed for six months (Miss Barratt). Luckily for some, all pupils were provided with a duvet and pillow ready-made, saving them the usual struggle and embarrassment of having to fight to get their duvet cover on. Then it was off to tea where we were all extremely well fed with sausage and mashed potato followed by jam doughnuts. There is an unlimited amount of salad available at PGL and the teachers have been pleasantly surprised by how much lettuce and cucumber the children can put away. For the evening entertainment, we played wacky races in the sports hall. We had originally planned to take part in a campfire but after a torrential downpour we decided to postpone this activity. All the children had a great time racing in teams in crazy positions and making each other laugh. Now it had been hoped that this would tire them all out, however, it was not until 11.30pm that the boys finally all went to sleep and Mrs Withers reported that the girls were up until at least 1am. So tomorrow morning is going to be very interesting…

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