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This week, you are going to write a biography using the skills we learned in class to write about Tim Peake.

Choose to either write about Helen Sharman or Neil Armstrong.


Use the resources below and the Internet to learn about your chosen astronaut.


Write down key information about the person that is important in their life. You will use this when you write your biography. You can write your notes in your book or on a word document.


Key information to find out:

  • Who are they? Where were they born? When were they born? What is their job? What are they famous for? Who did they live with when they were younger?
  • Their childhood and early life - What were they interested in? What did they do? Where did they live?
  • Their education and jobs. What did they do before they became an astronaut? 
  • Being an astronaut and going to space. When did they go to space? How did they become an astronaut? What did they do? 
  • Their later life. What did they do after being in space?


This activity is also your guided reading for today because you are reading different texts and gathering information.