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Monday 23rd March - Friday 27th March

This block of work is from White Rose Maths and is FANTASTIC. I have been doing the daily lessons with my own children and they are really manageable, the videos explain everything!!! (I have learnt lots myself doing the Year 5 work laugh) Just click on the link and get started. I've added the worksheets separately for each day - don't feel that you need to 'fill them in' just talk through the answers together.

Have a go at this maths challenge.

Activity sheeths for each daily lesson. Remember, you don't need to print them out, just watch the video from the web link above and talk through the answers together.

Here are some practical ideas to help you develop the maths ideas once have watched the video for the day in the maths activities. They will help you develop more understanding and could also be quite fun.


Lessons 1 - 3 - These look at weight and mass. You could look in your kitchen cupboards, choose a tin, can you find objects that are heavier or lighter than this tin? Explain to someone in your house in a sentence which are heavier and lighter.


Lessons 4 and 5 - These look at capacity and volume. Either use your bath, bucket outside or tub. Fill with water and find some different sized containers. Explore which holds the most and which holds the least. Choose one container, use that to fill another, count how many times you refill the first container and pour it in. Repeat this with another container, which had the higher number? This will be the larger volume.