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St John's C of E Academy Admissions Consulation 2022-23 from the 12th October 2020 to 7th December 2020. Please see Admissions page for further information.


Monday 4th May 2020

For today's English activity, choose one of the three writing activities to complete about the picture of the professor. 

Create a Magical Potion and Write Instructions

Create your own magic potion. Think about:

  • The ingredients you will need
  • The equipment you need
  • How to make the potion.


Write a set of instructions for how to make your potion. Does it need cooking, boiling or freezing? What temperature? What ingredients do you use first? Use imperative (bossy) verbs, such as mix, boil, freeze, put, cut, chop, stir, pour. Use conjunctions, such as first, second, next, then, finally.


You can use the sheet below as a template. You may need to use an extra sheet.

Description of the professor

Write a description of the professor in the picture and the setting.


Use lots of adjectives and expanded noun phrases to add description.


Use these questions to help you:

  • Who is the man? What is his job?
  • What does he look like?
  • What is he making?
  • Why is he making it?
  • How does he feel? Why?
  • Why hasn't he had any sleep?
  • Why does he have lots of open books?
  • Where is he? What does the room look like?



Write a story about the professor in the picture. You could describe what he is making or doing.