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.....Welcome Back to all of our Pupils....................................


Our value of the week is...


What is joy? 

What makes you joyful?

Talk with your grown up.

In Cubs we love to learn about other cultures, and especially about celebrations. In November last year we learnt about the Hindu festival of Diwali, and we absolutely loved it! Then we learned about the Christmas story,

On Friday 12th February it will be Chinese New Year,

This week we are learning a little bit about China ready to have a celebration on the 12th February to finish off our Topic for this term.


Can you find China on this map?



Look at the different types of transport below. Discuss how you would travel to China and why.

(i.e. on an aeroplane because it's so far away)


Can you draw a picture of you travelling to China? 





Could you walk to China? 


Could you get there on Mr Bee's Coach? 

This is the Great Wall of China. Everyone thinks you can see this wonderful landmark from space, but that is a myth - it's not true!

Can you build the Great Wall of China? 

What can you find to use? 

Can you show us on Tapestry? 


Would you like to dance to some chinese music like this girl in the video below? You could use strips of paper, socks, an old pillow case cut into ribbons....smiley

Show us your dancing on Tapestry! 

NYCCC 'Dance to China' 2018 Student Recital - Red Ribbon Dance

Chinese Red Ribbon Danceperformed by young NYCCC StudentsChoreographer/Teacher Wanru Lin LaoshiNYCCC 'Dance to China' Student Recital 2018performed June 24 2...


Can you print the Great Wall of China using construction toys? How long can you make your wall?