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Phase 3 Orange word wheel

Here you will be able to find all the words we put on to the Orange phase 3 word wheel. 

We only ever add a few at a time and always work through all the words on the wheel so children are completely confident in reading them. 


For decodable words (those that can be sounded out) children need to sound out the word then blend it together to read.


Once they are confident they can recognise the word without the sounding out (segmenting). 

For the tricky words they need to recognise it. 

You will know when they are ready for new words to be added when they are confidently recognising these words around them, in books, as well as on the word wheel. 

To check confidence you could write the words in a different order, even hide them around the house as a treasure hunt.

When they are ready for more words, take the next 3 from the list in order and add them to the word wheel.