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Phase 3 spelling words

Now your child is confident reading the words off their Phase 3 Orange word wheel, in a range of places, they are going to learn to spell them.

We use the same words, in the same order. The list is below.


When spelling the words we always begin with an assessment. You can do this too. 

Give your child paper and pencil or whiteboard and pen. 

Say the word to them. (Encourage them to sound it out and write the sounds they hear in order) 

If they spell it correctly, give the next word on the list. 

Repeat until you find 3 words for them to practice.

(some children will need to learn to spell all the words, others will be able to recall them from their reading of the words and spell them correctly)

Practice the 3 words they are unsure of over the week.


After a week repeat the assessment with those 3 words, if they can write them from memory or by sounding out and writing letters that make the sounds in order, you can begin to practice the next 3 words they are unsure of.