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Phonics or spelling

On Monday the 27th April, the government will be launching daily letters and sounds lessons. I have included the link below. It includes some guidance for parents to help teach phonics, as well as the daily lessons. Have a go and see what you think.

Use the flash cards to practice your phonics. The sound mats will help your grown-up to know the sounds too.

Picture 1 Felicity has been teaching her mum the phonemes
Picture 2 Isla has been writing her key words into sentences
Picture 3 Bella has been playing a game to learn new words

You can play some phonics games on the websites below to help you practice your phonemes (sounds) and reading skills.



Why don't you spread some of the phonemes on the floor, and as your grown-up says the sound you have to move to that card. Just be careful not to rip them!!!