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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


We aim to update this page regularly with pictures of what the children in Lions and Tigers have been up too. 


First half of the Autumn term






     Week 1   Welcome service     Week 2           Week 3         Week 4






   Week 5              Big Maths Day       Week 6          Week 7



Second half of the Autumn Term





       Week 1               Week 2              Week 3             Week 4





   Week 5               Week 6              Week 7          Christmas Party



    Week 8

First half of the Spring term



     Week 1                 Week 2             Week 3                Week 4







   Week 5                 Week 6


Second half of the Spring term







   Week 1               Week 2                Week 3               Week 4             





     Week 5


First half of Summer term


   Week 1                    Week 2              Week 3                 Week 4




   Week 5


Pictures will be continued to be added to the website as soon as all of the new consent forms have been returned.