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Malleable, including playdough

We really enjoy doing malleable activities in school, they are wonderful for building up hand strength too. There are lots of different activities you can do. We will list some of the ones we have used or will use in school here. 



Who doesnt love a bit of slime, you can stretch it, cut it, squeeze it. 

Here is a recipe to make your own slime


Cloud Dough


We've been playing with this at home too, my little one loves it and you can play with the amounts of flour and oil you put in to make it 'stickier' if you want to. The one I made was around Christmas so I also added cinnamon which smelt amazing, so you can also play around with the smell or add food colouring if you want. 

For this I would recommend playing with it in a large tray or box to help contain it. 


To make the dough: 

2 cups of flour, 

1/4 cup of oil (vegetable or some people us baby oil but this means children cannot put it in their mouths)

If you want to add food colouring, add it to the oil.

If you want to add a smell add it now.

Mix all together and kneed until it makes a dough


It will store well in a tupperware box.


Now you have your cloud dough you can use it to sculpt, mark make in, fill and empty containers etc 

 We love playdough! It is so valuable for building strength in the children's fingers. So please follow the link to find a good home recipie (unless you already have some at home). Then follow the link to Dough Disco and enjoy!