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Positive Thinking

Why do we need positive thinking?


When we think positively we look for the good in a situation and find new possibilities. We are actively looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. When you practice positive thinking you focus on the possibilities in life instead of the problems, which helps you to problem solve. A positive outlook helps to lessen stress and improve self esteem. Positive people appreciate the little things in life and are generally found to be happier and more successful.


Easy to say, harder to do?


It's easy to get caught up in the inconvenient, irritating things that happen to us such as getting caught in the rain, dropping your phone or having to wait in a queue. But there are also small positive things which we sometimes over look, bumping into a friend while at the shops, a smile across the room, cake! We have control over our thoughts and can choose to focus on the positive. That doesn't mean we ignore the negative or it magically disappears, but switching our focus to the good and welcoming it into our lives can help us to feel happier and healthier and will shrink the negatives by comparison.

Positive thinking is a journey and every journey starts with a first step. What could you do today to get started? You could start a journal or diary and spend just ten minutes writing about your day, look for the positives, evaluate the negatives, can you find a positive way forward? You could find or create a positive affirmation that you could use each day to help you keep that positive outlook. An affirmation is a little phrase you repeat to yourself to boost your spirits and remind you of a positive quality in yourself or the wider world. Take time to slow down and look around you at the people and places that bring you joy. Notice the sound of birds in your garden or your parent singing as they do the washing up. Practice gratitude, look for the things you are grateful for. Remember to have fun! Do things that make you laugh and smile. Find your joy and share it with others.