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Pupil Wellness

Welcome to our pupil wellness page!


Hello there! I'm Mrs Haynes and I am the school ELSA here at St John's. Unfortunately I can't create you a magical snowman or a beautiful ice palace. Believe me, I am disappointed too! ELSA stands for Emotional Literacy Support Assistant.

Emotional - feelings

Literacy - how we understand and communicate

Support Assistant - helping and guiding.


This means that I work with children in our school to help them understand their feelings, what makes them feel angry, sad, worried, happy etc and what they can do to try and manage those feelings when they get too big. In school I am based in Key Stage 2 in the old computer suite which we have nicknamed The Ranch. Most ELSA sessions take place in The Ranch, which is a quiet space with lots of resources. We do sometimes work in other spaces or go outside. Sessions can be either one to one or small groups depending on what the child/children needs.


Now that some of us are away from school or in our bubbles and we can't see each other in quite the same way, I am putting lots of ideas and activities on this page so that I can still help you to keep smiling, keep calm and learn to look after your own emotional wellbeing. There are some resources for grown ups to look at and lots of things for the children to look at too. If there is anything you need help with that you can't see on here just email me at the address below and I will try and find it for you. You can also use the email if you want to show me any activities you have been doing.


It is lovely to see some of you back in school in our special bubbles and we are all looking forward to welcoming more of you back to school when it is safe to do so. We are thinking of you all, at home or at school, and we are here to help.


Take care, stay safe, stay well.


Mrs Haynes x