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During the next half term we are going to look at the name God and who he he is and what he means to us


w/c 4.5.20

Watch the video below of a lady telling the story of The Parable of the Precious Pearl. How can this story teach us about God? That God's name is previous and we should only use it with care. 

Story 4 The Precious Pearl

The Precious Pearl Bible Story By Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

w/c 27.4.20

Being Thankful

Listen and sing along to the song below. What are you thankful for? Can you write a letter or draw pictures to show God what you are thankful for?

Thank you Lord for this new day

w/c 20/4/20

The Creation Story

Please watch the video below or if you have a bible read the part about God creating the Earth. What did God create each day? Complete the attached sheet or create a poster/booklet/story..whatever your imagination decides!

Creation (Genesis 1-2)

In Tigers we have been looking at Easter, in particular Palm Sunday and the importance of the cross. Please watch the video below of the Palm Sunday Story and download the make a palm leaf craft or could you make your own?


Palm Sunday

Can you explain why the cross is really important at Easter? We would love if you could make some cross art. It could be using anything you have in your house. Please find below a few examples but use your imagination! 


w/c 11.5.20

During Collective Worship we often say The Lord's Prayer, but what does 'Hallowed be thy name mean'?

Can you write your own name on a piece of paper and colour it in to make it look really special?


The Lord's Prayer Song for Kids 🙏 Our Father in Heaven for Children