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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Have you read any of these amazing books?


Some are online to listen to or have ago at reading, if you don't have the books to hand.

Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

One night a boy is woken by a terrible sound. A storm is breaking, lightning flashing across the sky. In the morning Dad is gone ..

Room on the Broom - Julia Donaldson.. Children's Story. Audiobook - read-aloud.

The witch had a cat and a very tall hat... Join the witch and her new friends on their travels.. Will they escape the dragon?

Meg and Mog Megs Car Read Aloud Story Book for Kids

Meg and Mog Megs Car is a great read aloud story book. I hope you enjoy my read along story book for kids and all the family to enjoy.We all love Meg stories...

Try some of these fun reading activities.