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Find our Virtual Classroom 2020 under the Curriculum tab................................... Please let us know if you change your contact details, you may miss out on important information if we cannot reach you by text or email

School day

On a normal school day, your child will come into the classroom through the outside door at 8.40 am (doors close at 8.45, after that please use the office)


Your child will put their coat on their peg, book bag in the box and drink next to the sink. Then self register with their name card by putting on the blue board/door.

We sit on the carpet or line up to go to the hall.

We register then Tigers do Literacy and the Lions do Maths.

At 10 am your child will have snack (fruit and milk, if ordered through cool milk) 

Then swap carpets for Lions to do Literacy and Tigers Maths.

We all have letters and sounds before Lunch. (they work in smaller groups for this)

12.00 noon is Lunch time, your child will go choose their hot food unless they have brought sandwiches. Everyone will eat in the hall.

1 pm a whistle is blown on the playground and children line up at the gate to the outside area.

After register your child will have independent learning time for the afternoon (except Friday afternoons when we do PE)

3 pm we will call your child to the door when we see you.