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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................



Every week in Tigers we do '10 minute science' which is when we do quick experiments to help us practise our prediction and observation skills. Below we will share some ideas of experiments to do at home! 

w/c 20.4.20

Try putting celery or white flowers into a glass with food colouring and water! Watch what happens and record! 

Jack needs help to get from the top of the beanstalk! Can you use objects in your house to make a great parachute to help him? 


Paper Towel Chromatography

All you need for this experiment is a glass, water, paper towel and washable felt tip pens. Colour a circle on the paper towel and place it in a glass with about 1/4 inch of water. Make sure the coloured dot doesn't touch the water. Watch what happens as the water travels up the paper towel!


All you need is a plastic bag full of water and sharp pencils. Can you put the pencil through the bag without it leaking? Try and not get wet!


STEM Spider Challenge

Look carefully at the spider web pictures below and the different shapes in the web! Can you make your own spider web which will hold a toy spider or any other small toy you have at home? What could you use? Please find a document with more instructions below.

w/c 1.6.20

Can you make a boat from things in your house and float it in a paddling pool or bathtub? Did it work? Can you make it better?