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....................INSET DAYS Monday 26th, Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th July (closed for pupils)...................

Session 1

Lets sing some counting songs. 

Start with 5 current buns .. if you have play dough you could even make 5 current buns as you sing. 


What other songs with 5 can you sing? (5 little ducks, 5 little spacemen etc) 


Lots of these songs with 5 in count down or backwards. Each time they are taking one number away, because a current bun is sold or a duck swims away. So the number gets smaller. 


Using a five frame (see below) put 5 objects on it, if you have play dough you could make the current buns or you can use toys, counters, coins or something else. As you sing remove one object each time. Count how many you have left. 

Can you show that number on your fingers?

Can you write it?


Now we are down to 1 object left. 

If we take that off how many do we have left?  The answer is ZERO, we have none left. 

This is what the number zero looks like 0  can you find any around the house?

How might you show zero on your fingers? What does it look like on the five frame? What does zero mean?

Grown ups you may want to do this with a few different songs to help your child understand. 



Five frame