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Session 1

First we are going to consider what makes a superhero. 

Look at this picture 

Talk about what Superheros do?

Grown ups you might help write a list of your child's ideas (talk about how you are putting a new idea on each line, using a bullet point)

Now think... we can be heros too... how might we be heros?

Talk about what we can do. Then watch this video (talks about Covid-19)

Handwashing Heroes

Learn how to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by being a handwashing hero.Based on COVID-19 FAQS for Kids by Laura Gray, Ph.D., and Shayna Coburn, Ph.D....

Talk to your child about what Covid is. What can they tell you?


Then watch this handwashing video.

Hand-washing heroes

Animation video showing children how to properly wash their hands to reduce the germs spread.Transcript: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/vide...

Can your child demonstrate good handwashing to you?


How else can we be Covid fighting superheros?

Talk about your childs ideas. 

Now they are going to write a list of these ideas. 


Remember to send us a photo of your child's list laugh 



*Remember every child develops at different speeds*

(When doing any writing encourage your child to think about the phonic sounds they can hear and write them.

Dont worry if they dont yet hear and record them all, they might only hear the first phoneme.

Some children will feel confident to attempt to write the letter themselves, others may want you to show them, try tracing it in the air or on the table, others may make marks and tell you what they mean.

Remember the more positive you are about their attempts at writing the more confident they will feel.)