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Squiggle While You Wiggle

Squiggle While You Wiggle



'Squiggle While You Wiggle' is a fantastic approach to aid and stimulate early writing. We use movement to music to help develop our motor skills and get us ready for our writing jobs. 


Flipper Flappers


As part of 'Squiggle While You Wiggle', we love to have a go at 'Flipper Flappers'. We grab two bits of cloth, one for each hand, put on our favourite music and have a boogie! Whilst we are dancing, we use our Flipper Flappers to create different shapes in the air. We create letters, numbers, circles and stripes. We even do simple 'up and down' and 'side to side' movements. So grab any old material you have around the house (it could even be a pair of socks) and get dancing! smiley


Once you have had a boogie, its now time to squiggle. Place out some plain paper, the larger the better, (we sometimes use old wallpaper rolls in class) grab some chunky pens and see if you can now mark make some of the shapes and movements you drew in the air with your Flipper Flappers. If you did a circle in the air, can you draw a circle? If you did an up and down movement, can you draw some up and down lines? This is a fantastic way to develop our strong muscles!