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.....Welcome Back to all of our Pupils....................................


Today in Squiggle we are going to be thinking of animals that we can find in our wonderful world


 You could play the music if you like, or just get moving... 



Here are some moves you could use today... 


Elephant – swing your arm as a trunk in humps – over and under – round in a circle

Monkey – move like a monkey

Squirrel – quick feet, small steps

Deer – quick feet, high knees

Eagle – soar, arms out – any shapes

Snake – use arms to slither in any shape you want

Lions and Tigers – bend, and jump to pounce


I bet you can think of better actions than these?

Create your own. 


Remember it is all about big movements, using all of your body.

The Jungle Book - I wanna be like you w/lyrics


Now you have Wiggled it is time to Squiggle.


Remember to hold your pen with your best grip



As we squiggle today we are going to focus on letter formation and start to learn how to form the upper case letter (CAPITAL LETTER) to match the letter we are practising. Remember to take a look at the letter formation videos to help you get the correct formation of the lowercase letter.


Remember to hold your pen with your best grip

Today we are going to practise 


C c

O o

A a


Remember that you can join in with Miss Brunt on Tapestry