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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


Today in Squiggle we are going to be thinking of opposites

– fast and slow, loud and quiet, big and small


 Listen to the music and when the music is quieter and slower use small, slow moves

and when the music is louder and faster use big, faster moves 



For your moves today, think of all the squiggle moves we do... 


Lines up and down and side to side

Humps over and under

Zig-zags up and down and side to side

Circles getting bigger and smaller

Legs moving and knees up

Wiggling your fingers



Have fun!

björk - it's oh so quiet


Now you have Wiggled it is time to Squiggle.


Remember to hold your pen with your best grip


As we squiggle today we are going to continue to focus on letter formation and start to learn how to form the upper case letter (CAPITAL LETTER) to match the letter we are practising. Remember to take a look at the letter formation videos to help you get the correct formation of the lowercase letter.


Remember to hold your pen with your best grip

Today we are going to practise 


D d

G g

Q q


Remember that these lowercase letters all begin with a c.


Remember that you can join Miss Brunt on Tapestry