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Today in Squiggle we are going to be thinking of building a rocket

so that we can investigate more of our wonderful world


 You could watch the clip attached and do moves to match Wallace and Gromit building their rocket,

or just get moving... 



Here are some moves you could use today... 


Drawing your plans – hump shape for rocket

Cross out if go wrong – zig-zags

Lifting and moving things

Sawing – backward and forward arm moves

Hammering – up and down arm moves

Painting – whichever shape you want

Cleaning the windows – circle moves

A Grand Day Out - Building a Rocket - A Grand Day Out

Join in with Wallace and Gromit as they build a rocket to get to the Moon

Now you have Wiggled it is time to Squiggle.

As we squiggle today we are going to use some of the shapes which we make in our wiggle time to draw a rocket.


Remember to hold your pen with your best grip



We hope you have enjoyed our last online Squiggle while you Wiggle session.

We can’t wait for you to fly your space rocket to school on Monday

so that we can continue to Squiggle and Wiggle together…