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This week in Squiggle we are going to continue being Real-Life Superheroes!


So put on your favourite music and get ready to boogie. 


Remember each time we Squiggle we do the dance moves then we use pens on paper or whiteboards.


So here are some moves for this week... 


1 - teacher.. wag your finger, first on one hand, then on the other

2 - dentist.. say 'open wide' and then start to make a circle movement with your finger getting bigger each time

     until your making a circle with big round movements (say 'just like this' as you finish) - repeat with other hand

3 - builder.. climb up your ladder - count how many steps it takes to reach the top.

4 - vet.. stroke some pets - some small and low to the ground, some large and high in the air, some large

      and some small .

5 - builder - (again) - .. bend down and lift up bricks and pass them up high in the air, or to each side

6 - postal worker.. walk, walk, walk and post your letters - (remember to get your knees up high for this one)

7 - builder (again).. lay some bricks making big humps as you lay one after another


Can you think of any more actions? Add your own - also do some from last week if you like. 

Remember it is all about big movements, using all of your body. 


Now you have Wiggled it is time to Squiggle.


Remember to hold your pen with your best grip


Today we are going to do something a little different and practise making careful shapes to draw a picture. Watch this step by step video and join in...


We practice copying pictures like this using straight lines and curved lines

to help with our pencil control and copying skills.


You can also join in with Miss Brunt ...

Find her daily squiggle sessions on Tapestry.

After spending a number of hours trying a variety of ways to get the video I have made off of the iPad and onto the computer so that I can upload it onto the website here...


I have given up!


Please look on Tapestry for the video

or watch Miss Brunt's squiggle session!