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.....Welcome Back to all of our Pupils....................................


Fun with Measuring!


Can you make some playdough beanstalks and do some measuring? 

You can measure using anything you can find at home...



construction toy bricks..

We are going to use the language; tall, taller, tallest, short, shorter, shortest.

Have a go and show us on Tapestry! smileyHow big is your tallest beanstalk? 






Use your dough to make some beanstalks...

Mark Making 

Did you know you can make marks with almost anything. Here's some ideas... 

Can you make your own mark making tools? 

You could paint, draw, make marks in playdough... 



We'd love to see your pictures and mark making tools! 


Similarities and differences 


Here's another story about Jack and the beanstalk. Can you watch it, then tell your grown up what is the same in this story and what is different?  This is a very important skill for pre- reading - understanding and comprehension of stories. 

I wonder if you could think of a different ending to the story? 

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