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Thursday 26th March 2020

Yesterday, you should have written the second paragraph about your astronaut's early life. 


Today, I would like you to write the next paragraph in your biography. The third paragraph is about your astronaut's adult life. Write about how they became an astronaut. You could also write about their adult life. What jobs did they have? How many people applied to be an astronaut including them?


Remember to use paragraphs to separate new ideas and changes of time and place. Use TIPTOP to help you.


You don't need to write about your astronaut's time in space. Focus your writing on their adult life before they went to space.


Biographies are written in the past tense and in third person. 

CHALLENGE 1 - Add a fronted adverbial with a comma and time conjunctions. For example, In 2009, When Tim was 18 years old, as Tim was growing up, next, after, later.

CHALLENGE 2 - Use an exclamation mark. 


If you have finished your third paragraph, spend some time editing your work. Have you used punctuation and capital letters correctly? Can you add more detail? Can you use an expanded noun phrase? You could add a relative clause or a fronted adverbial.


I look forward to reading your brilliant third paragraphs. Use the class email to send me your paragraph.


Complete the there, their or they're activity. Which there should you use in each sentence? You can type the answers on a word document or write them down on paper. 


There - Is used to show where something is. For example, the coat is over there.

Their - Is used when something belongs to someone. For example, their toys.

They're - Is a contraction (shortening) of they are. For example, they're going shopping.


Today's reading activity is in the reading section of this website. Spend 10 minutes also reading any book or text you enjoy. What are you currently reading?


Practice this week's spellings for 5 minutes. You could create a spelling game, play hangman with someone using the spellings or make a drawing using the spellings.