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Thursday 2nd April 2020

On Wednesday, you should have written the second part of your biography.


Today, I would like you to add a 'Did you know?' section. Add interesting facts about your astronaut that you didn't include in your biography. You could also add a glossary by explaining what some tricky words are.


After, I would like you to spend some time editing and improving your biography. 



When you have finished your biography. I would like you to edit it. This is part of today's grammar activity.

  • Check capital letters, punctuation (commas, inverted commas, apostrophes, full stops), spellings and tense.
  • Check all your sentences make sense.
  • Improve your writing - Add a fronted adverbial, adverbs, expanded noun phrases, powerful verbs


When you have finished your biography, please email the full piece to me (this can be a word document or photos). I would like to make a folder of your brilliant writing. 



Today's grammar activity is to edit your biography to make sure you have got correct punctuation, used capital letters correctly, spelling and check your sentences all make sense. 


Guided Reading

Make sure you have completed the guided reading activity about space called New Horizons Probe.

Then read a book of your choice. Can you write a review of your book?