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St John's C of E Academy Admissions Consulation 2022-23 from the 12th October 2020 to 7th December 2020. Please see Admissions page for further information.


Thursday 14th May 2020

For today's English activity, choose one of the writing activities to complete.

Today I would like you to think about the real-life heroes that are in our community. Look at the picture below for some ideas. 



I would like you to choose a real-life hero, for example nurses, doctors, firefighters, teachers, carers, etc. Write a letter to these real-life heroes thanking them for what they are doing. Tell them why you are thanking them and show your appreciation or if they have inspired you. Use lots of positive words. This can be to someone you know or a group of real-life heroes.

I would like to share you letter with your group of heroes or Tweet it to them. You can make your letter as colorful as you like with lots of pictures.


Write about your hero (Description)

Choose a real-life hero you admire, such as a nurse, doctor, firefighter, teacher, carer, etc...

Use these questions to help you:

  • Who is your hero?
  • What do they do?
  • What are there characteristics? e.g. kind, caring, helpful, patient, inspiring, brave, compassionate, life-saver
  • Why are they your hero?

You can draw a picture of your hero.

You can use the sheet below or create your own.

Fact file

Write a fact file about your hero. Don't forget to include why they are special and why they are your hero. You can write about a real-life hero in the community or a research a modern day hero.


Write a poem about your real-life hero. You can write an acrostic poem using a word e.g. nurse, heroic, caring. You can also write any other type of poem.