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21.5.20 - Fractions greater than 1


Watch the video using the link below to help you to remember about fractions greater than 1. Watch White Rose Summer Term, Week 5, Lesson 4 video.


When the numerator (top number) is bigger than the denominator (bottom number), it means it is an improper fraction.

A mixed number fraction is where you change the improper fraction to having wholes and the number of parts left using the denominator. For example, 5/4 = 1 whole and 1/4. You can draw diagrams to help you. 


Then complete both pages of the activity below. 

There is a word document version and a PDF version - use which ever one is best for you to access.


Don't worry if you can't to print out the sheets, work out the answers and write them onto paper. Use the class email to send me your work - you can take a photo or send it on a word document. 


Times Tables

Practice your times tables for 10 minutes using Times Tables Rockstars or the booklet in your pack.