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St John's C of E Academy Admissions Consulation 2022-23 from the 12th October 2020 to 7th December 2020. Please see Admissions page for further information.


Thursday 11th June 2020

Watch the video called The Clocktower below. Complete one of the activities about it. 

There is also a grammar activity for you to do.

The Clocktower by Cara Khan


Write a review of the short film. You can use the film review template or write it on a piece of paper or type it.


Think about:

  • What is the plot?
  • Who are the characters? Who is your favourite character? (including the white rabbit)
  • Did you like the film clip? Why?
  • Would you recommend this film? Why?


Write a description of what happens in the film The Clocktower.

Think about:

  • What happened
  • Where is the girl?
  • What is the girl doing?
  • What is her job?
  • How does the girl feel?
  • How do other people feel?
  • Why is the girl there?
  • What is the clocktower like?


Write a diary entry as if you are the girl in the Clocktower. Think about what she does, how she feels and what happens to her.

Grammar Activity

Complete the two sheets about fronted adverbials. You need to identify when a comma should be used after a fronted adverbial. You also need to decide what type of fronted adverbial is used.


Then write 5 different sentences using each type of fronted adverbial.


A fronted adverbial can tell you one of five different pieces of information:

  • Time - When something happened or will happen, e.g. today, tomorrow, in the morning, On Tuesday
  • Frequency - How often something happens, e.g. weekly, daily, monthly, constantly, rarely
  • Place - Where something happens, e.g. above the clouds, under the ground, in the shops
  • Manner - How something happens, e.g. sadly, happily, miserably, bravely
  • Possibility - The chance of something happening, e.g. maybe, definitely, certainly, possibly 


Use the fronted adverbials map for more examples.