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.....Welcome Back to all of our Pupils....................................


Can you cut out these China themed pictures? Show your grown up how well you can hold your scissors!

Mrs Bee was born in the Year of the Ox and Mrs Roys and Mrs Foy were born in the year of the Tiger.

What year were you born in?

Which Zodiac animal are you?

What Zodiac animal are your grown ups? 

Print off your Zodiac animal and colour it in beautifully. If you don't have a printer, can you draw it?



Could you make some playdough? 

Maybe you can make a Chinese Dragon or Lion? 

We are going to add glitter, buttons and feathers too. We cant wait to see what you create! 

Let's Go To The New Dough Disco

Dough disco is exercise for the fingers to improve fine muscle control. It is good before long writing tasks as a warm-up but essential every day exercise fo...