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A little, red boat is launched. We don't know who by or where but it sets off on a journey. In this animation the boat is the main character.  As the boat travels on its journey it sees some amazing sites. The boat gets tossed and turned by the weather, it gets caught up in a war and becomes a floating wreck. 


Please find below some ideas of questions which support looking at the video deeper and how it may link to themselves during lockdown. There are also lots of other ideas on the different pages. 


The boat represents each child and the journey they have travelled through this period of lockdown.

· What were they like when they started? How did they feel?

· What are some of the things that have happened to them on the journey?

· How have those experiences affected the boat?

· What has damaged the boat?

· What has helped the boat?

· Who or what has made the journey difficult or easier?

· What are the conditions/different weather the boat went through?

· Did the boat give up?

· How did the boat become stronger?

· Who or what helped?

· What might happen next?

· Could the boat have done anything differently?

"Little Boat" by Nelson Boles | Disney Favorite

A beautifully crafted short film about the journey of a little boat finding struggles, hardship and acts of humanity and kindness.

Make a sailing boat using potato printing!


Jelly boats - very yummy!


Draw a picture of yourself and everyone you would have in your boat with you