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Week 2 - 30th March to 3rd April

Aim to complete two of the science activities. You can choose which activities you do.

You can use the sheets below or create your own.

  • Shadow investigation. Make a shadow puppet or an object in your house and get a torch (you can use one on your phone). Make a sketch of the shadows you create and where the torch and the object is.


Alternatively, if it is a sunny day, you can measure your shadow at different times of the day. Make sure you stand in the same place. What happens to the size of your shadow throughout the day?

  • Research the Sun. Then create a poster or mind map with facts about the Sun.
  • Design a poster about how to stay safe in the Sun.
  • Research your favourite planet. Write facts about it and draw a picture of it.
  • Make a list of appliances in your home that are electrical. Then organise your list in items that are battery operated (DC power) and Mains operated (AC power).

Week 1 - 24th to 26th March 2020


For Science this week, I would like you to learn about the Moon. We started learning about the phases of the Moon in class last week.

Each day, you need to look at the Moon at the same time every day and shade in the picture to show the phase of the Moon. You can label it with the name of the phase the Moon is in.


Read through the PowerPoint below or use the Internet to research about the Moon and its phases and then complete at least one of these activities as well as the Moon diary.


Activities to do about the Moon

  • Describe the phases of the Moon using the sheet in your home learning pack
  • Create a story map explaining the phases of the Moon
  • Design a model to show how the Moon moves with the Earth
  • Create a video explaining and showing the phases of the Moon
  • Create a poster with facts about the Moon, including the phases
  • Create the phases of the Moon out of Oreos and label the phases.


Oreo Activity

Oreo Activity 1

Moon Diary