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Upper Key Stage 2

Upper Key Stage 2 - Eagles, Falcons, Zebras & Giraffes


What can you do to help with your child's learning?

Support with daily reading, learning times tables and homework in general. The Abacus online learning programme is available for Maths to support all children at home in their learning. There is also Times Table Rockstars and Spelling shed to support spellings. Purple Mash is also available to support your child's learning in every topic area. If you would like any further assistance in any of the above, then please speak to your class teacher.


What to do if you have a concern or a problem

In the first instance, please arrange to see your class teacher either by organising an appointment in person or through the office. If you have any further concerns, please arrange to see Mr Houghton or Mrs Holt who will be happy to speak to you at any time.



Pupils should be in the correct school uniform at all times in accordance with school policy. All children should wear a white shirt and school tie and a grey/black skirt or trousers. School shoes should be plain black but trainers are not permitted. We appreciate your support in following this policy.



Work will be sent home weekly for children in Upper Key Stage 2. This will include weekly spellings to learn and other pieces consisting of English, Mathematics or topic homework. In addition to this, we also ask that you read little and often with your child; all children are provided with a reading book and reading record to track their efforts at home.

Also, we send home termly topic challenges relating to the area of study that pupils are learning about that term. This may include an art project or a writing task that can be completed at home with the help of parents or carers; these tasks are optional and are rewarded with team points and rainbow rewards in school.


What we are learning in the Spring Term?

As the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII in Europe is this year (May 8th), our topic this term is about WWII. WWI will also be covered as we are studying the book: War Horse by Michael Morpurgo in English.

We will be looking deeper into different aspects of WWII such as: Why WWII began, the Holocaust, which included our visit to the Holocaust Centre in Ollerton; life as soldier, evacuation, rationing, as well as the 'Blitz' and aircraft used by the British Air force and by Germany.



Physical education takes place twice a week. For Year 5, PE takes place every Wednesday afternoon with one of our designated sports coaches.

>Swimming for Year 5 commenced on 6th March and session times are: 11-11.45 am. 

>In Year 6, PE takes place on a Wednesday afternoon and a Friday afternoon.

Pupils should bring their PE kit to school on a Monday morning and take it home at the end of the school day on Friday; PE can take place at any time during the school week and therefore pupils should have their kit in school all week.

>PE kit should consist of black shorts, a t-shirt in your child's team colour and black jogging bottoms for outdoor PE, in addition to suitable footwear for indoor and outdoor use.

>Earrings cannot be worn during PE and must be removed by the child.

>For swimming, pupils should wear a one-piece swimming costume or trunks (no loose-fitting shorts). Goggles can be worn upon completion of a permission slip.



Key Stage 2 Leader: Mrs Holt (Meerkats Class Teacher)

Teachers: Mrs Ross & Mrs Bower (Year 6 Falcons class teachers, Science coordinators)

>Miss Stanyard (Year 6 Falcons class teacher, PSHE coordinator, staff Governor, English Coordinator)

>Mr Houghton (Year 5 Zebras class teacher, Vice Principal)

>Mrs Keogh (Year 5 Giraffes class teacher, computing coordinator, History coordinator)

>Mr Welham (Year 5 student teacher)

>Mrs Withers (Teaching assistant, interventions manager)

>Mrs Haynes (teaching assistant, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)

Mrs Abbott (class teacher cover in Year 6).

PPA cover (Wednesday pm): Mrs Abbott (Year 6), Sports Coach: Mr Warren (Year 5), Mrs Bell (Year 5).


Mrs Ross will work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Falcons class and Mrs Bower will work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in Falcons class. On a Wednesday their time will be spent across year 6 providing targeted work to small groups - these groups will change on a weekly basis.