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Useful information for Lions and Tigers.

Here is some information we hope you will find useful...

We have tried to answer questions you may have, however please feel free to contact us via the office (text, phone call or email) if you have any queries.


Book Bags - although we are trying to reduce the amount of things brought into school, children will need a book bag. It can be any of the colours (red, yellow, green or blue) we will use it to send home books and you may also want to put in a spare pair of pants, trousers or skirt if that is appropriate for your child. 


Reading Records - these will be sent home in book bags, we will swap books on Mondays and Fridays. Children will be sent with 2 books, a 'bedtime' story for you to share together and a school reading book. Initially the reading book may be wordless, this is to enable children to story tell and develop there vocabulary. 


Adventure Books - These are books we will send home with children to record their adventures. Anything they do outside of school can be put in here (photos/ pictures/ maps/ tickets/ leaves/ feathers/ certificates to name a few). When you have something in the book, send it in and your child can share it with their friends, talking about what they have done and answering questions. We love to find out what the children do when they are not a school.


PE kit - Children will need a team colour t-shirt and black shorts in a named bag. They will not need trainers or pumps. For the first few weeks we only remove shoes and socks to go into the hall.


Lunch - Our lunch time starts at 11.45, children are taken into the hall for dinner. They are all able to have a hot school meal if you want, but if you prefer you may send sandwiches. Our school dinner menu is here.

Midday staff then bring the children back from the hall to play outside.