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Virtual Classroom 2020


St John’s family… you’ve got this!

What extraordinary times we are living in! Our experiences and challenges over the last few weeks have been historical moments in the making. They will undoubtedly get harder in the coming months as we face our new reality. The future is uncertain for us all. Never before has it been as important for us to work together, united in a good cause. Do not despair or fear that what is asked of us is too much. We can do this together.

Enjoy the holidays in whatever way you can: play together, sing together, laugh together, bake together; walk together (once a day); be creative and get to know each other better. Use the resources below to help and support your family in whatever way works for you.You have the power to do more good than you realise.



From all of us… Thank you! Well done! You are doing a fabulous job!


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