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Watch Big Cook, Little Cook make the giant's face for dinner! smiley

Can you help your grown up make your dinner in to the shape of a face? Send us a photograph on Tapestry, we'd love to see it.

CBEEBIES Big Cook Little Cook Jack and The Beanstalk

Could you ask your grown up to cut out a harp shape and practise your threading? 

This week in Phonics, we are looking at rhyming words. 

In phonics we sing this song, 

"I'm making silly soup, 

I'm making soup that's silly, 

I'm going to cook it in the fridge, 

And make it nice and chilly. 


Then put in rhyming things...

e.g. a stick, a brick,

a stone, a bone,

a shoe, a two,

some mud, a spud.

a cat, a hat

a dog, a frog...


You could also learn these rhymes...


Cow boy Joe, broke his toe, riding on a buffalo... yeehaaw'

I saw a ghost eating toast, halfway up a lamp post.

I saw a witch, in a ditch, eating up her sandwich.


I bet you can think of some even better ones than me!  Have a go at show us how you're getting on on Tapestry. We'd love to hear your rhymes!smiley





Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways. Loose parts can be used alone or combined with other materials. There is no set of specific directions for materials that are considered loose parts. The child is the direction. When children interact with loose parts, they enter a world of “what if” that promotes the type of thinking that leads to problem solving and theoretical reasoning. Loose parts enhance children's ability to think imaginatively and see solutions, and they bring a sense of adventure and excitement to children's play.


Pine cones, shells, lollipop sticks, bark, wood 'cookies', sticks, stones, corks, bottle tops, wood offcuts, branches, leaves, weathered glass, driftwood, dried fruit slices and wholes, seeds, berries, coconut halves, CDs, Christmas beads, glass beads, acrylic diamonds, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, chains, string, bobbins, keys, key rings, jar lids,  recycled plastics, brushes, spoons, chairs, guttering, tyres, cable reels, rocks, incinerators, wheelie-bins, pots and pans.

Basket with material in, curtain rings, wooden blocks, baskets, sticks

We love loose parts play in Cubs. Maybe you could make Jack, the beanstalk or the Giant from things you can find at home or if you go out for a walk? Show us on Tapestry! smiley

Have a look at our loose part section of our website for some more ideas...