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Wednesday 22nd March 2017 - Day 3

Wednesday 22nd March 2017

Another fantastic day at Boreatton Park, even though the weather has not been as kind today. Strangely, the children were rather more difficult to rouse this morning. Riley did not want to get up at all! Nobody wanted to go out for an early morning game of cricket, preferring to stay in bed and enjoy a little more rest before the day’s activities began.

Yet another great breakfast (sausages, hash browns, beans and mushrooms), set us up for a fun-packed day, starting with kayaking. After realising that water activities were not as easy as they looked yesterday and after getting so extremely cold, many of the children were reluctant to even start this activity. However, after promising them a trip to the shop straight afterwards they were all suddenly much more enthusiastic. First prize for ‘How to get out of an activity’ goes to Luca, who tried everything to avoid it, but once he saw everyone on the water he couldn’t wait to get straight in and had more fun than anybody else. It was great to see all the children having so much fun on the water and learning new skills at the same time. Every single one of them took part and gave it their all. Special mentions must be given to a few students. Rianna was amazing at continuing to work hard throughout the whole session, even though some children got out for a bit, she carried on with a smile on her face. Gypsy was fantastic: she fell in several times, lost he shoes but laughed the whole time. She has spent so much time in the water this week that we are re-naming her ‘The Fish’. She was also the only girl to take part in the extreme games at the end. Callum and Ryhs were also the only boys to take on jumping into the water from their kayaks at the end. Luke was also brilliant as he kept going, determined to enjoy himself, despite the cold and he should be commended for his perseverance.

Lunchtime saw the children eating more delicious dishes of fajitas and tacos which they needed after such an exciting morning. This was followed by an hour long trip to the shop – yes, an hour long. I’m not sure why it took so long because the shop is not even that big but I knew there would be trouble when I saw Mason pick up a basket and begin to browse. After studying the numerous pencils and pencil erasers, eventually they all filed out with bags filled with sweets and fizzy pop (this may be bad news for tonight).

In the afternoon, we split up to take part in different activities including Jacob’s ladder, fencing, archery, aeroball and the low ropes course. Jacob’s ladder was the first opportunity for some of the children to try a climbing activity with a harness. Some the children were really excellent at the this and completed the activity in some incredible times. Mason got the fastest time with 17 seconds, followed by Rhys (23 seconds) and Riley (25 seconds). Archery saw some very high scores with Daniel, Callum, Emma and Cole all scoring the highest score of 10 by hitting the bullseye (Daniel did this twice). In aeroball, William and Harley scored the highest ever recorded result in PGL history and Tyler came close with 30. Amilie, Harvey G, Kate and Imogen all stood out as being excellent at fencing, so we really do have some very talented students.

After “the best meal of the week” (quote from Thomas), which was pizza and chips, all the children played team sports games all night. Team 1 (Miss Barratt’s group) won overall, with Rhys and Callum gaining extra points for sportsmanship.