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........Welcome back and welcome to our new starters................


How are you feeling today?

Can you describe your feelings to your grown ups?

Can you draw a picture of your face to show how you feel?


A lovely story to share at this difficult time.

We have talked alot about Coronavirus in school and why we need to stay home. Cubs listened carefully and seemed to understand. Here's a simple storyboard to explain why we're not together for a while. I hope it helps you to explain too. ❤️

In Nursery we use our Wellbeing Wall every day. Cubs place their name on one of these emojis according to how they are feeling. You could use this idea to continue to share their thoughts at home too during this difficult time.

Wherever they put their name we talk about why they feel: happy, worried or sad and try to resolve the problem. They are free to move their name anytime and the Teachers regularly check the wall to keep an eye on those children who need help or who want to share their happiness with us all. Mental health is so important to us in Cubs.