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Church Of England Academy

The SNMAT admissions consultation is being extended to 16th December 2019. This is the only chage to the original consultation documentation. Please see Statutory Information/Admissions for further details~~~~~

Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!
Picture 1 Mr D White - Principal
Picture 2 Mrs K Thackery - School Business Manager
Picture 3 Mrs K Knight - Office Assistant
Picture 4 Mrs L Howard - Admin Assistant
Picture 5 Miss E Lucas
Picture 6 Mrs E Pickering
Picture 7 Miss L Brunt
Picture 8 Mrs J Roys
Picture 9 Mrs T Bee
Picture 10 Miss L Gill
Picture 11 Miss C Dean
Picture 12 Miss B Yapp
Picture 13 Miss K Hagen
Picture 14 Mrs R Clements
Picture 15 Miss J Galloway
Picture 16 Mrs J Boldero
Picture 17 Mrs N Sensicall-Dyke
Picture 18 Mrs K Cunliffe
Picture 19 Mrs N Renshaw
Picture 20 Mrs E Spencer-Elkington
Picture 21 Mrs D Green
Picture 22 Mrs C Flear
Picture 23 Mrs R Pearce
Picture 24 Miss S Pack
Picture 25 Mrs L Foy
Picture 26 Mrs J Holt
Picture 27 Mrs A Pollard
Picture 28 Miss C Holloway
Picture 29 Miss A Carlton
Picture 30 Mrs L Keogh
Picture 31 Mrs J Godley
Picture 32 Mrs C Haynes
Picture 33 Miss K McDonald
Picture 34 Mrs Bower
Picture 35 Mrs H Withers
Picture 36 Miss S Stanyard
Picture 37 Mrs C Ross
Picture 38 Mrs A Bell
Picture 39 Mr C Underwood
Picture 40 Mrs J Turner
Picture 41 Mrs J Bierton
Picture 42 Mrs L Maxwell
Picture 43 Mrs P Owen
Picture 44 Mrs J Cox
Picture 45 Mrs LHartley
Picture 46 Mrs H Waddington
Picture 47 Miss S Chapman
Picture 48 Miss A Argyll
Picture 49 Mrs T Shaw
Picture 50 Mrs E Oldfield
Picture 51 Mrs J Walker
Picture 52 Lunch Ladies