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See what your friends have been doing

As you are emailing in work some of you have mentioned other things you are doing, which is wonderful.

Here we will put some of the good ideas you are sharing. smiley



Why don't you make a box of hopes, dreams and wishes...

Think about all those simple things that you wish that you could do, but aren't able to right now

- visit family and friends, go swimming, play in the park -

write them down on a piece of paper and put them in a box.

Then when we are able to begin to doing 'normal' things again, pull out one of your wishes

and remind yourselves of the simple things that make us happy and begin to hope and dream again. 

Ellie's box of dreams
Mrs Holt's tub of wishes
Isla has created hopscotch in her garden with chalk. It looks like great fun. PE and counting

Abbie has been making elephants out of milk bottles. (How to guide on our creative section) She has also planted some cress seeds. laugh


Abbie and Elmer
Abbie and Olly;s Elmers
Maddison and Elmer
Maddison's Elmer

Why don't you make a time capsule like Ellie and her family

Include a page all about you and your family
Your family could draw aroung their hand
Enjoy colouring in the front cover, make it bright
Ellie and Alex have kindly shared the time capsule template with us. You could print it if you have a printer or use it to create your own. 

Some of our lovely ideas

Abbie has made Elmer out of a milk bottle
Dazen helped out with the laundry
Ella chalked a beautiful picture on the street
Ellie did a Frozen 2 show for her family
Ellie is making alphabet lists - take a look
Ellie made a clock
Bella made toilet roll characters
Bella's beautiful butterflies
Bella was a human balance scale
Alex made a Great Fire of London scene from lego
Halle made The Great Fire of London from lego
Halle has made 10p in different ways
Jessica made some buns. Yummy!
Megan has been baking.
Megan has enjoyed quiet reading time
Hannah has made a pompom sheep
Nathaniel has made burgers
Nathaniel has made sausgage rolls
Hannah has some caterpillars!
Vinnie has made a game to play with his family
Dazen made a rock sculpture
Felicity has been helping her mum cook
Isla made an Easter bonnet
Isla made salt dough and painted it
Maddison made her character into a puppet
Maddison has been story writing with a picture
Maddison has been using her phonics in her story
Dazen has been flying his kite
Ellisa has been growing plants
Halle loves playing in her mud kitchen
Isla has been writing her key words into sentences
Maddison and her sisters have been baking
Vinnie has been practising cutting and sequencing
Ellisa has made a fairy door
Nathaniel made sausage rolls and did fractions
Nathaniel found rigid and flexible objects
Isla has made a healthy and unhealthy food poster
Isla wrote instructions for her castle
Isla's castle
Can anyone work out where Ethan is?
Dazen made a hungry caterpillar
Maddison made a parachute for her lego people
Dazen wrote instructions for making sponges
Here are Dazen's SpongeBob sponges
Maddison sent this experiment
Maddison explored how plants drink water
Maddison explored how plants drink water
Maddison explored how plants drink water
Dazen is learning how to be a cartoonist
Dazen built a grabber
Hannah did the lava experiment
Ellie made some balance scales
Maddison and her sisters reading in their den
Megan made a rainbow
Hannah's rainbow experiment begins...
... wow! Look at the result!
Hannah had fun doing the colour run - Well done!
Vinnie is testing to see if things are absorbent
Ellie has labelled shiny objects
Dazen is doing a puppet show
Bella has made her caterpillar
Thank you for giving permission to share your ideas. Send us some more of your great ideas to share.

Hannah's cornflower and water experiment

Still image for this video
Hannah has done a wonderful, but rather messy, experiment using cornflower and water. Here she is standing in it, but you can just use your hands to investigate it!!!
Cornflower and water makes an amazing 'substance', that is sometimes solid, and sometimes liquid... it really is fascinating to experiment with if you are able to.
It is very messy though, so wear old clothes/ an apron... and do it outside if possible!!!