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As a school we use many methods of communication including phone calls, texts and emails. However you can always grab us for a quick chat on the door or if needed schedule an appointment if you need a longer chat. 


Teachers can directly communicate with your through Class Dojo. 

Class Dojo is used primarily in Early Years as a way of communicating whole class learning, it maybe about a book we have read together or an experience we have had, for example photos of a school trip. 

It also enables parents to message the teacher directly if needed. 

In Early Years we also have an additional method of communication which is called Tapestry. Here we share personalised details about your child's learning. For example sharing a piece of art or a progress step in their writing. 

Here you can also comment directly on the pieces of work we share with you and we may use it to communicate next steps for their learning so you can support them at home as well.