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Nursery Sessions 



smileyOur Morning session begins at 8.30am until 11.30am. (15 Hours)

smileyOur Lunch time is 11.30am until 12.10pm 

smileyOur Afternoon session begins at 12.10pm until 3.10pm (15 Hours) 

smileyFull time children attend from 8.30am until 3.10pm (30 Hours) 


We open the doors at 8.30am for our morning and full time children where you will be welcomed at the door by a member of staff.  Another staff member will assist children to remove coats and hang on pegs, put book bags into a basket and place water bottles and lunch boxes in a trolley. 

Staff will also be within the classroom helping children self register, by locating their name on a tag and hanging it on our tree this lets us know they have arrived. 

We ask that you give kisses and cuddles at the door and let the children enter the classroom by themselves, as we strive to give the children every opportunity to develop their independence skills. This has worked so well in the past, but we understand there may be times if your child feels upset leaving you and we welcome you inside to help settle your little one for your peace of mind.


Every day, your child will come straight into learning, getting busy around the setting. We have rolling snack, which means your child is able to decide themselves when they would like to help themselves to the free fruit and milk.


Once everyone has arrived, we gather briefly on the carpet to share a story which will link to our learning for the week. We use this time to discuss the story, predict what will happen next, discuss what characters say or actions they make and learn lots of exciting new vocabulary! 

We visit our Adventure Park for half an hour and then return back to free flow learning indoor and outdoors, learning through play. 

We tidy up and just before lunch we have a short group time to develop our phonics or mathematical thinking along with a daily story and singing. 

Our morning children will then go home, meeting their parents/carers at our side gate, whilst our full time children get ready for lunch by washing hands and getting seated to eat. 


It's then lunch from 11.30am until 12.10pm within our classroom with two amazing lunch time supervisors, Mrs Waddington and Mrs Walker.


After lunch we welcome our afternoon children in to self register and then we visit the Adventure Park once again,  before getting back to being busy learning, indoors and outdoors. 

Around 2.20pm we begin to tidy up, then gather on the carpet to develop our phonics and mathematical thinking in a short group session. We have a home time story and enjoy some singing before it's time to say goodbye to the teachers and hello to the parents and carers waiting to pick up the children at 3.10pm.