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Indoor Environment

A Warm Welcome To Curious Creators.

Our indoor space has been carefully thought out to enable the children to develop a sense of curiosity and excitement that we hope will drive their love of learning throughout their time at St John's C of E Academy.

Areas and resources are carefully planned to enable children to develop their confidence, resilience and skills. 

Some resources are Continuous Provision and as such do not change on a regular basis. We believe this enables the children to deepen their learning by giving them the chance to return to master the learning opportunities presented by those resources. 
Image a supermarket... 
Imagine if your favourite supermarket changed every day? Would you go back? 
Continuous Provision is like your favourite supermarket. It's always there. You know where everything is. It interests you and you come back time and time again!

We do add enhancements though! 
Enhancements and provocations are like the end of the aisles. "Oh, look at that!" 
These allow the children to experience new things and seek new challenges. These enhancements are carefully matched to the needs of the children and underpinned by the intended learning, linked to our curriculum.