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Cubs Class Parents' Evening




 "She has now been to three nurseries but this is best decision we've made. We've seen a noticeable difference in her abilities already and how she's progressing and are more than happy."


 "He previously attended another nursery, but it's much better at St Johns. There's a chemistry here that I love. More than happy with communication through nursery with Marvellous Me and Tapestry. Fantastic!" 


" I am more than happy! Tapestry updates are good. I'm happy that her speech has been identified early on and that there is a plan in place to work with her on sounds she struggles with as there are no speech therapy sessions at the moment with the NHS." 

"We are very happy. Amazed how late you work in the evening uploading Tapestries but very appreciative as I talk with her about what she's learning about."


"It's amazing!"

"She loves Cubs and that's good enough for us. I am more than happy and came knowing it had got such a good reputation."


"It's been a dream bringing him to St Johns. We had a bad experience at a previous nursery but he loves school and wants to come at a weekend.

It's wonderful!"



"I always had a good vibe in Cubs when I visited, more than happy and nursery - it has a lovely feeling. No concerns at all."

"I'm 100% happy with communication from school. Very happy with everything, I don't know how you do it!"


 "We are happy he's safe at school, he loves it and learning alot."