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Pupil Premium - Updated October 2018

Pupil Premium – Allocation, Use and Impact

The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 require schools to publish details of the school's pupil premium allocation in respect to the current academic year.

The amount we receive

The amount of Pupil Premium granted to St John’s C of E Academy in 2018-2019 is £107,640.

How we use it

The school has used an amount of the grant to provide for an additional teacher, two additional teaching assistants and increased hours for other Teaching Assistants to support children in receipt of pupil premium and ensure they make good progress.

Pupil Premium is allocated towards improving how we manage our intervention programme and how we track the progress as well as continued participation in the Achievement for All strategy. The school has developed intervention for vulnerable children (FSM, SEND, LAC) where they are provided with additional support and an enhanced relationship with parents and carers. This is developed through the use of structured conversations to move children's learning of vulnerable groups forward both at school and at home.

Vulnerable groups are clearly monitored in the school's self-review strategies and analysis of progress data so that timely and appropriate interventions can be made for children to achieve their potential. Careful provision mapping allows children to access support in a range of formats including 1:1 and small group support. Pupil premium has helped contribute towards the salary of an additional teacher and additional teaching assistants to work with children most at risk of underachievement.

Pupil Premium has been used to support access to extra-curricular activities where cost may be prohibitive to some families and for the rich variety of activities to encourage participation and increase enjoyment at school. A small amount of the grant has subsidised the costs of off-site visits for children in receipt of Free School Meals.

What impact has it had?


St John’s C of E Academy is committed to helping all children to make good progress, by this we expect that our children will achieve their potential and pupil premium is one of many contributing factors to our children's success.

In the academic year 2018-19, a total of 80 children are supported through the use of Pupil Premium funding in the ways highlighted above.

The expectation for children nationally is that they will make good progress each year. At St John’s:


Figures for July 2017 (Figures for 2018 will be confirmed in November 2018)

In reading, by the end of KS2 the children supported through Pupil Premium funding achieved a score of 1.25 for progress and 80% met the national expected level. This exceeded the national average. 27% of disadvantaged children achieved the higher standard, this is broadly in line with national expectations.

In writing, by the end of KS2 the children supported through Pupil Premium funding achieved a progress score of 4.7 and 80% met the expected level. This is broadly in line with the national average. 40% of our children were working at greater depth - this exceeds the national average.


In mathematics, by the end of KS2 the children supported through Pupil Premium funding achieved a progress score of 3.87 and 87% met Y6 expectations. This exceeds national expectations.


Reading, Writing and Mathematics: by the end of KS2 80% of our disadvantaged learners met the national standards for Year 6 attainment in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. This exceeds the national average. The number of our disadvantaged children exceeding the standard was 13%, this exceeded the national standard.

Careful analysis of the progress data of all children at St John’s C of E Academy ensures that their progress is good, their achievements are celebrated and their areas for improvement are identified quickly and their additional needs are met.


The next Pupil Premium Strategy Review will be held on Thursday 22nd November 2018